MongoDB-Based Applications

Please list applications that leverage MongoDB here. If you’re using MongoDB for your application, you can list yourself here by editing this page. Also, check out our Contributor Hub Project for a list of the most popular projects supporting MongoDB.

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Applications Using MongoDB

Bussion Application for creating dashboards with drilldown and collaboration capabilities.
c5t Content-management using TurboGears and Mongo.
Calipso Content management system built using NodeJS and MongoDB.
Cube Cube is an open-source system for visualizing time series data, built on MongoDB, Node and D3.
ErrorApp ErrorApp tracks errors from your apps. It reports them to you and gathers all information and make reports available to you.
Forward A full-featured, developer centric open source e-commerce platform that makes custom code easy, with powerful templates & expressive syntax.
Graylog2 Graylog2 is an open source syslog server implementation that stores logs in MongoDB and provides a Rails frontend.
HarmonyApp Harmony is a powerful web-based platform for creating and managing websites. It helps connect developers with content editors, for unprecedented flexibility and simplicity. For more information, view Steve Smith’s presentation on Harmony at MongoSF (April 2010).
Hummingbird Hummingbird is a real-time web traffic visualization tool developed by Gilt Groupe.
KeystoneJS KeystoneJS is a Node.js content management system and web application platform built on Express.JS and MongoDB.
Locomotive Locomotive is an open source CMS for Rails. It’s flexible and integrates with Heroku and Amazon S3.
Mogade Mogade offers a free and simple to use leaderboard and achievement services for mobile game developers.
MongoLantern MongoLantern is an open source full text search server using MongoDB as index storage, which allows MongoLantern to migrate any changes very easily into account using MongoDB API. It’s written originally written in PHP can be migrated to any desired language as required using it’s future APIs.
Mongoop Monitor and locate long running operations on MongoDB and automatically trigger specific actions (email, sentry, nsca...) for alerting and performance analysis.
MongoPress A flexible CMS that uses MongoDB and PHP.
Mongs A simple, web-based data browser for MongoDB.
Mongeez Mongeez is an opensource solution allowing you to manage your mongo document changes in a manner that is easy to synchronize with your code changes. Check out mongeez.org.
NewsBlur NewsBlur is an open source visual feed reader that powers http://newsblur.com. NewsBlur is built with Django, MongoDB, Postgres and RabbitMQ.
Pics.io Pics.io is a digital asset management system that helps to centralize, manage and share images, videos, audio, PDFs and other valuable files across organization.
Quantum GIS Plugin for Quantum GIS that lets you plot geographical data stored in MongoDB.
Rubedo Rubedo is a full featured open source Enterprise Content Management System, built on MongoDB and Elastic Search with Zend Framework, Sencha Ext JS and Boostrap. It offers a complete set of back-office tools to easily manage galaxies of responsive, flexible and performant applications or websites.
Scribe Open source image transcription tool.
Shapado Free and open source Q&A software, open source stackoverflow style app written in Ruby, Rails, MongoMapper and MongoDB.
Strider Strider: Open Source Continuous Integration & Deployment Server.
Thundergrid Thundergrid is a simple framework written in PHP that allows you to store large files in your Mongo database in seconds.
Websko Websko is a content management system designed for individual Web developers and cooperative teams.