MongoDB Connector for Hadoop

The MongoDB Connector for Hadoop is a plugin for Hadoop that provides the ability to use MongoDB as an input source and/or an output destination.

The source code is available on github where you can find a more comprehensive readme.

If you have questions please email the mongodb-user Mailing List. For any issues please file a ticket in Jira.

This guide also includes the following documentation:


The MongoDB Connector for Hadoop uses Gradle tool for compilation. To build, simply invoke the jar task as seen with the following command:

./gradlew jar

The MongoDB Connector for Hadoop supports a number of Hadoop releases. You can change the Hadoop version supported by passing the clusterVersion parameter to gradle. For instance, to build against Apache Hadoop 2.2 use the following command:

./gradlew jar -PclusterVersion=2.2

After building, you will need to place the “core” jar and the mongo-java-driver in the lib directory of each Hadoop server.

For more complete install instructions please see the install instructions in the readme


Additional Resources

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