MongoDB Manual TranslationΒΆ

The original authorship language for all MongoDB documentation is American English. However, ensuring that speakers of other languages can read and understand the documentation is of critical importance to the documentation project.

In this direction, the MongoDB Documentation project uses the service provided by Smartling to translate the MongoDB documentation into additional non-English languages. This translation project is largely supported by the work of volunteer translators from the MongoDB community who contribute to the translation effort.

If you would like to volunteer to help translate the MongoDB documentation, please:

Please use the same email address you use to sign the contributor as you use to create your Smartling account.

The mongodb-translators user group exists to facilitate collaboration between translators and the documentation team at large. You can join the Google Group without signing the contributor’s agreement.

We currently have the following languages configured:

If you would like to initiate a translation project to an additional language, please report this issue using the “Report a Problem” link above or by posting to the mongodb-translators list.

Currently the translation project only publishes rendered translation. While the translation effort is currently focused on the web site we are evaluating how to retrieve the translated phrases for use in other media.